Guide for Extracting FM Synth Presets of Sega Genesis

This article explains some methods useful for viewing or dumping FM synthsis parameters (i.e. register values) of Sega Genesis sound chips.

This article covers the methods for YM2612 (aka. OPN2, the FM synth chip of Genesis), but some of informations can apply to SN76489 (the DCSG chip) too.

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Conversion Tools for Video Game Music (Focuses on Sequenced Music → MIDI)

This article introduces conversion tools for various video game music format, mainly focuses on sequenced music. If your best favorite tool is missing, let me know!

This document is Unlicensed. Please feel free to copy and modify any part of its content as necessary. Credits are preferred but not required.

主にゲーム音楽MIDI, DLS, Soundfont などに変換するツールを紹介しています。Google 翻訳を使って読めばだいたいの内容はわかると思います。


Application Author License GUI/CLI Note
VGMTrans Mike zlib License GUI Music player for sequenced music. MIDI/DLS/SF2 export is available. Various formats are supported with varying degrees of accuracy.
VGMToolbox Snakemeat MIT License GUI Collection of small tools with integrated interface. You may want this if you have some general file extraction/conversion tasks (especially when you face to xSF formats in my opinion.)
vgmstream kode54 and more ISC License GUI/CLI Library for streamed music formats. My favorite frontend is foo_input_vgmstream, a component for foobar2000.
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Thoughts on Donations

If you appreciate the work that I am doing and would like to send donations, here I can guide you. I'd like to write my little thoughts on the donation.

  • First of all, all my activities are just for fun. I'll work on a thing that somewhat I'm interested in, when I'd like to.
  • Donations with a request may change the priority of my interest, however, I DO NOT WARRANT ANY GIVES TO THE SUPPORTER.
  • Donations are welcome regardless of its amount! Name your price in your free mind, and use the saved budgets for your favorite artists. ♥
  • You can send your donation via PayPal.Me

Many thanks to everybody who is donating something, no matter if it's a big or small amount, your support is really valuable to me!

Lovely 2SF Ripping Guide

This document explains how to rip music from a DS game to 2SF file, a Portable Sound Format for Nintendo DS.

If you are going to rip a game that uses standard DS sound format (SDAT), you do not need to read this guide. You can use VGMToolbox to convert directly DS ROM to 2SF. I also recommend you to create NCSF instead of 2SF.

If it’s not the case, it requires a manual ripping.

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