VGMTrans is now hosted on GitHub!

As the title says, VGMTrans is now hosted on GitHub.

I've been trying to contact the author to realize this idea. It wasn't easy because we haven't talked for a long time, and he was busy and rarely saw emails. Anyway, I've succeeded in contacting him, and the project is now opened 4 months later from when I sent him the first email. The author, thank you very much for approving my proposal gladly! You're always very kind! :)

At the same time, he provided me the latest source code of VGMTrans. It seems to have some changes from the latest publication. The most notable thing is the Soundfont (SF2) export function, I think.

Join The Development

Do you want to join the development? Good! First of all, you need to sign up for GitHub (Of course it's free). Then,

  • If you just want to contribute a small bugfix, you may write the source code diff and its description in Issues page.
  • You may make a fork from the repository, then commit your updates there and send a pull request to us.
  • You may contact the member of vgmtrans organization (only me for now!) to join vgmtrans organization. It would be better if you already made some contributions (like code changes, bug reports, etc.) before you contact us.
  • You may help the project without writing a code. (report an issue, edit wiki, draw a cute icon, etc.)

Though I am the starter of the project, I may not work on it so much when I have other interests. Additionally, I am GitHub noob. I hope many researchers have interests in the project and help the development. I'm counting on you. :)

My Personal Activity

I was making an improved version of VGMTrans, that has small bugfixes/improvements and new format support (Rare SNES Sequence). Currently, I'm trying to merge those changes to the GitHub version, and I am learning how it's changed from the last publication.

Also, I'm thinking about some other fixes/improvements not done yet (for example, adding GSF loader). I should write them in Issues page rather than here. Hope I will not abandon them.

I may make my own fork as a workbench.





  • Issues ページへのバグ報告(再現可能な手順があると助かります。コード修正まで可能であればdiffを貼ってくださると助かります)
  • Fork して手元でコードを改良後、Pull Request を送信(vgmtrans organization のメンバが確認して受理)
  • vgmtrans organization のメンバ(現状私のみです)に連絡して、vgmtrans organization に参加する(連絡時あるいは以前に、コード修正やバグ報告など何らかの提供があるとより良いです)
  • その他の貢献(Wiki・ドキュメント整備、アイコン提供など)



  • 修正系
    • コンパイル時の大量の警告の除去、デッドコード除去など全体のクリーンアップ
    • ドキュメントの整備(古い情報の置き換え、パッケージに同梱しなくて良い内容はテキストファイルからWikiに移管)
    • 異常終了する問題の追求と修正(既にアプリ終了時の問題を2点修正済みです)
    • 明らかな未実装コマンドをなんとかする(開くボタンがあるのに押しても何も起きないあたり)
  • 拡張系
    • PSFローダーの充実(GSF/2SF/SNSFなど対応していないため)
    • SNES音楽フォーマットの個人的成果をもとにした対応フォーマット拡張
    • 同種のファイルを一括保存できるようにしたい
    • VGMColl 以外も再生ボタンでプレビューできたらうれしい
    • Loader/Format の有効・無効や順序などを設定変更で切り替え可能にする?(現状リビルドが必要)
    • その他、変換の挙動設定を外部で変更可能にする?(音量カーブ補正有無等)