Update: Nintendo DS susie plugin package

Here goes: loveemu/nitroscrap - Github


  • axnds: added extremely simple header checking.
  • axnds: merged no file mapping code to main code.
  • ifnscr: fixed 4bpp image decoding (horizontal flipping, palette index, support 16 color image), which was too much broken.

What Susie (and its plugin) is

Susie is not very popular outside of Japanese programs (list of a couple below) but it is still a plugin format used my many more general image viewing and manipulation programs, the plugin format also has a somewhat of a history of use in rom hacking/game hacking/program hacking circles.

Programs that support SUSIE plugins (be warned there have been some issues with programs not totally supporting the format):

Note there are several more around, this is just a basic selection.