Conversion Tools for Video Game Music (Focuses on Sequenced Music → MIDI)

This article introduces conversion tools for various video game music format, mainly focuses on sequenced music. If your best favorite tool is missing, let me know! This document is Unlicensed. Please feel free to copy and modify any part …

Lovely 2SF Ripping Guide


This document explains how to rip music from a DS game to 2SF file, a Portable Sound Format for Nintendo DS. If you are going to rip a game that uses standard DS sound format (SDAT), you do not need to read this guide. You can use VGMToolb…

IDA Pro - How To Load Game ROM

PS1: As The Open PSF ripping guide said, open PS-X EXE as "Sony Playstation PSX image". Then load PsyQ sigunatures. GBA: Read IDA Pro Tutorial - The PokéCommunity Forums. You may want to add IO (4000000h-4000800h) segment and identify IO x…

My Favorite Tools For Video Game Music Analysis

This article shows what I use/know in my VGM analysis work. Tools If you know a good tool, let me know, please. :)

Update: Nintendo DS susie plugin package


Here goes: loveemu/nitroscrap - Github Changes axnds: added extremely simple header checking. axnds: merged no file mapping code to main code. ifnscr: fixed 4bpp image decoding (horizontal flipping, palette index, support 16 color image), …

Nintendo DS File Formats


Note: All the contents of this article are entirely copied from http://llref.emutalk.net/nds_formats.htm for archival purpose. *1 Sections Generic Header Format Graphic File Formats Archive File Formats Sound File Formats Custom File Forma…

SSEQ Specification



STRM Specification


Finally I got 'em all!

SWAV Format


supports only mono sample

sdattool by DJ Bouche


DJ Boucheさんが素晴らしいツールを公開しました。その名はsdattoolです。 原文 Hello loveemu, I'm just informing you that I started a new utility called sdattool. It's main purpose is to generate an SMAP file, similar to the one I have attache…