Thoughts on Donations

If you appreciate the work that I am doing and would like to send donations, here I can guide you. I'd like to write my little thoughts on the donation.

  • First of all, all my activities are just for fun. I'll work on a thing that somewhat I'm interested in, when I'd like to.
  • Donations with a request may change the priority of my interest, however, I DO NOT WARRANT ANY GIVES TO THE SUPPORTER.
  • Donations are welcome regardless of its amount! Name your price in your free mind, and use the saved budgets for your favorite artists. ♥
  • You can send your donation via PayPal.Me

Many thanks to everybody who is donating something, no matter if it's a big or small amount, your support is really valuable to me!

Lovely 2SF Ripping Guide

This document explains how to rip music from a DS game to 2SF file, a Portable Sound Format for Nintendo DS.

If you are going to rip a game that uses standard DS sound format (SDAT), you do not need to read this guide. You can use VGMToolbox to convert directly DS ROM to 2SF. I also recommend you to create NCSF instead of 2SF.

If it’s not the case, it requires a manual ripping.

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PlayStation (PS1) Dragon Quest VII and IV Music Format (SEQQ)

Dragon Quest VII and IV (DQ7/DQ4) do not use the generic SEQ/VAB driver. Both games are developed by Heart Beat and use the same custom driver (there could be some minor differences, as usual).

. Dragon Quest Monsters does not use SEQq because the game is probably developed by Enix and Tose, not Heart Beat.)). It is very similar to Generic SEQ, however, it is slightly different.

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My Generic PSF (Portable Sound Format: PSF1, GSF) Ripping Strategy

Here I introduce my PSF ripping method.


I assume you already know about the following things:

  • What is PSF? - A format for video game music rips. In most cases, a PSF is a compressed game ROM whose non-sound stuff is removed by ripper.
  • "Streamed?" "Sequenced?" What's the difference? etc. - Read PSF Frequently Asked Questions - Neill Corlett's Home Page
  • What is pointer)? - For this purpose, I recommend you to learn C.
  • Do I need to learn assembly? - At least you need to know basics. (for example: "What is a register?" "What is a stack?") If you already know one of assemblies, I think you can solve your problems during ripping by pinpoint googling.


  • Emulator (Debugger) - such as no$psx or no$gba debugger
    • It must have step execution function. (Step Into, Step Over, Run To Return)
    • It definitely should have a function that can change instructions by using assembly.
    • It should change register value. (If not available, use an external tool such as MHS.)
  • IDA Pro - it will help you in reading assembly a lot. See also: IDA Pro - How To Load Game ROM
  • Memory Scanner - such as Cheat Engine or Memory Hacking Software (MHS).
    • This tool is optional. It is handy when the emulator does not have built-in RAM search function.
    • It can be used to set a memory breakpoint, when the emulator does not have a memory breakpoint feature. (thankfully, nocash debuggers has the feature)

Typical structure of unaltered game

I think a game has routines like the following typically:

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